AppGuard Enterprise

AppGuard Enterprise is a centrally managed, host-based endpoint and server protection solution that prevents malware and all advanced attacks from harming the system.

AppGuard’s zero-trust approach is revolutionary because it offers superior endpoint protection compared to traditional solutions. Its patented technology blocks malware before it can detonate and cause any harm. AppGuard simply prevents every type of attack and eliminates the need to devote the ever-increasing amount of resources required by competitors’ “detect and respond” strategies.

Small Business Edition

Small businesses are as much under threat as larger corporates

It is often assumed that small businesses are under less of a threat from cyber crime than large organisations. In fact, ransomware and stolen data affect SMBs as much as larger companies and, because smaller companies tend to have fewer resources, the consequences of an attack are far more devastating!

AppGuard Solo

Perfect for individuals and business with less than 20 users

AppGuard Solo is a self-managed zero trust host-based endpoint protection agent for laptops and desktops. Its highly effective set and forget protection makes it ideal for small businesses, home or remote workers and non-technical users.

It coexists with nearly all other security agents yet requires none of the care and attention they do.

AppGuard Server

AppGuard Server is a zero-trust, host-based protection agent for Windows and Linux servers, centrally managed from the same system as agents for laptops and desktops.

It is a dedicated server solution, unlike many AV products, which, although they can be installed on servers, are not specifically designed for that environment and so do not offer robust cyber protection.

MSSP & SOC Services

Assurity Systems has teamed up with one of the Europe’s top security operations centres to offer a full range of seamless and expertly managed MSSP and SOC services, fully compatible with the suite of AppGuard solutions.

Flexible, expert help where you need it most...

AppGuard MSSP services are offered on a fully managed or co-managed basis to suit your requirements.
Whichever you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that your security is in the hands of experts, skilled in maximising business protection and minimising business risk, working 24/7 to ensure your business and data are secure.

Local Government

The cyber-attack landscape has dramatically changed, with UK Councils reportedly facing over 158,000 cyber-attacks every hour!

The regular headlines reporting breaches of Councils’ defences, often with devastating results, show that traditional anti-virus, EDR and XDR systems are no longer enough to combat the increasing sophistication and volume of attacks.