Small Business Edition

Small businesses are as much under threat as larger corporates

It is often assumed that small businesses are under less of a threat from cyber crime than large organisations. In fact, ransomware and stolen data affect SMBs as much as larger companies and, because smaller companies tend to have fewer resources, the consequences of an attack are far more devastating!

SMBs have the most to lose from successful cyber-attacks

In many cases, small businesses have less sophisticated technological defences and less time and resources to put into cybersecurity than bigger organisations. Cyber criminals know that SMBs can be highly lucrative victims and vulnerable to attacks which exfiltrate their customer (or other) sensitive data, especially with the obligations under GDPR and data protection regulations.

Todays cyber criminals have extensive resources and will often automate multi-stage attacks, targeting thousands of businesses at a time and evading traditional AV and EDR systems. With the explosion of the digital economy, small and larger companies are inextricably linked, leaving SMBs open to becoming collateral damage in a widespread supply chain attack.

Everyone is part of somebody’s supply chain

SMBs typically work with larger companies as part of their day to day operations, this makes them an attractive target for hackers keen to find a weak link in the supply chain.

So it is important you are protected from both direct attacks and the "collateral damage" caused by attacks on companies you deal with.

Now, with AssurityOne, you can have all the benefits of enterprise grade cyber protection, tailored to SMBs.

AssurityOne is specifically tailored to smaller businesses, offering ground-breaking cyber protection, powered by AppGuard - the most advanced cyber protection available today.

It is simple to deploy and, because it is fully managed via our independent security operations centre, requires minimum IT resources - providing peace of mind that your endpoints and servers are protected against the latest sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks, including supply chain attacks.

24/7 Protection for your company and your workforce

It can be extremely difficult to fully protect your workers and systems when human and monetary resources are under so much pressure, exacerbated by the mounting waves of new, sophisticated attacks trying to disable systems, steal data and/or hold you to ransom.

With AppGuard installed, you and your colleagues (even those working from home) can carry on as normal safe in the knowledge that – even if they inadvertently click on a malicious link or open a nefarious email - it can do no harm!

Easy implementation & fully managed cyber protection using expert MSSP Services

AssurityOne is delivered as a fully managed solution, using one of the country’s most experienced MSSPs. It is quick and easy to install and, once set up, our experts will monitor and look after your installation for you from their Security Operations Centre, which means you receive “set and forget” protection, with little or no impact on your IT team.

AssurityOne - full protection, seamless integration

  • Proven Success: AppGuard already protects millions of endpoints around the world, including military and defence organisations, government departments, large corporations and SMBs.
  • No whitelisting: AppGuard is not reliant on whitelisting, HIPS and sandboxing; it doesn’t need to scan libraries of files to work – it doesn’t even require you to be connected to the internet
  • Secure, Realtime Protection: AppGuard blocks all malware actions at the kernel level, its Zero Trust Framework does not need to guess if there is suspicious activity, it shuts down malware before it detonates.
  • Super Lightweight: AppGuard is only 1MB on hard drive and 10MB memory size, so you experience no degradation of processing power
  • Near “Set and Forget”: AppGuard agents can run for months without the need for updates. There are no alerts for staff to prioritise because they are blocked in real time – before they can cause harm
  • Reduces Operational Overhead: AppGuard provides the opportunity to reduce layers of edge defences, reduce the volume of data analytics and reduce the burden of patch management.
  • GDPR Compliant: Your business data does not leave your organisation

All the benefits of enterprise grade cyber protection for SMBs for just £4.99 per month per endpoint.