Local Government

The cyber-attack landscape has dramatically changed, with UK Councils reportedly facing over 158,000 cyber-attacks every hour!

Local Government is under constant attack...

The regular headlines reporting breaches of Councils’ defences, often with devastating results, show that traditional anti-virus, EDR and XDR systems are no longer enough to combat the increasing sophistication and volume of attacks.

At a time of increased pressure and escalated agile working,
UK Councils are being hit by increasing numbers of attacks including:
phishing, ransomware, polymorphic malware, targeted attacks, weaponised excel spreadsheets and more.

...And if you are one of those under attack, the effects can be catastrophic

  • Complete failure of critical digital systems
  • Complex recovery (if possible)
  • Complete systems rebuild (often many months)
  • Loss of essential community services (all departments)
  • £millions cost of restoration

Councils are an attractive target for ransomware criminals

  • Legacy systems with lots of patches and workarounds
  • Increase in public facing digital services
  • Richer citizen data stored
  • Move to home-working
  • New devices/endpoints being adopted
  • Hackers now know how to attack councils

Assurity Systems & IESE

Assurity Systems has teamed up with local government transformation specialists, iESE to offer councils preferential rates for AppGuard’s proven technology to protect our local government’s servers and endpoints from all malicious activity.

A number of UK Councils are already protected by AppGuard:

"…it is clear that AppGuard offers us full protection against the increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks - so we can, with confidence, deliver our ambitious transformation programme for staff and residents."

Assistant Director, BusinessTransformation, Midlands Council

"AppGuard is incredibly forensic, providing an extremely high level of security which provides us with real peace of mind."

Senior Infrastructure & Communications Officer, ICT Midlands District Council

" AppGuard does exactly what it says on the tin!"

Senior Infrastructure & Communications Officer, ICT Midlands District Council

Traditional AV

  • Constant signatures / pattern updates (bloating)
  • File scanning / exfiltration of data
  • Recognition required


  • Good but not good enough:
  • Still reliant on ‘recognition’
  • Based on ‘threat intelligence’
  • AI, heuristics, behavioural analysis, sandboxing
  • Allow ‘trusted’ apps (Supply chain attacks)
  • Resource intensive


  • Full protection through visibility of processes running on device and from where
  • Lightweight (no bloating)
  • Patents (method of working) rather than patterns
  • No internet connection required to fully protect (no out-of-date signatures)
  • All while allowing BAU

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