Assurity Systems

Assurity Systems is the Sales and Implementation Partner for AppGuard in the UK and Europe.

Independently evaluated, market-leading solutions

Assurity Systems has personnel with world-leading expertise in identifying and dealing with cyber risk. We have evaluated systems and solutions from a number of leading vendors claiming to counteract the new world of threats that we all face.

We believe that AppGuard is the single-most exciting and fundamentally different approach to cyber security available in the world today.

It is already trusted by many of the world’s largest and/or sensitive organisations to guard millions of endpoints – and is viewed as the most advanced and secure element of their security suites.

You are right to be sceptical of vendor claims

Bold claims from solution providers fill the marketplace, we all know that many are overstated. It is extremely difficult (perhaps impossible) for any CISO to constantly keep up to date with market developments and claims, particularly when the language they use is so similar.

What makes AppGuard different?

Don’t take our word for it!

Or indeed that of our global clients; the only way you can be sure if AppGuard is right for you is to see it in action for yourself.

AppGuard’s unique approach and powerful solutions can be quickly and simply demonstrated and we welcome you testing it in your own environment.

Simply contact us to arrange a demo or PoC.

The attack landscape has dramatically changed. You must change your defence!

It is now widely accepted amongst leading cyber professionals that the battleground has fundamentally changed – and that means the way we try to deal with threats needs to fundamentally change too.

Detect and Respond software is still the most widely purchased preventative system – but it is no longer robust in today’s world – and is incapable of offering the level of protection required by modern businesses.

Detect & Respond – You no longer have to take the risk…

Around a quarter of a million new malware samples appear every day. A new hacker attack occurs approximately every 30 seconds.

Of course, in order to treat a threat it must first have been identified by an infected organisation –  probably nearer 10,000 organisations are typically infected before the attack can be analysed and a patch “quickly” released. Until now, most companies have had to put up with that delay and hope that they are not one of the 10,000!

With AppGuard from Assurity Systems, you no longer have to take the risk that you wont be one of those early affected companies and will receive your patch in time.

See how AppGuard’s unique approach to cyber security has positively transformed its clients’ risk profiles.