AppGuard Europe

Assurity Systems is proud to have been appointed as AppGuard Europe – Europe’s central resource for all AppGuard services including Licences, MSSP services and Distributor and Reseller Support services.

Prevention without detection...

Appguard protects your enpoints and prevents malware exploits WITHOUT having to recognise them:

  • Patented “Zero Trust” framework for controlling application behavior
  • Stops key behaviours that malware requires for successful execution
  • Context based policies auto-adapt without manual configuration
  • Loss of essential community services (all departments)
  • Policy based system is light on CPU (>5% during persistent attack)

Prevent and Enforce with AppGuard

Securing systems by enforcing the integrity of OS Design with three key policies:

Identifies and groups applications-based OS location

Applications in the system space are grouped into high risk and non-high-risk applications

Child processes that start in a high-risk app but execute from a low-risk app "inherit" the high-risk policies

How does AppGuard work

This short video explains how AppGuard blocks all malicious malware on endpoints and servers.

Would you like a demonstration ?